When A Crocodile Eats the Sun – Peter Godwin

When A Crocodile Eats the Sun – Peter Godwin


Traces how the author routinely traveled between his Manhattan home to Zimbabwe to check on his aging parents, visits during which he witnessed the African region’s dramatic descent into a social and political turmoil that eventually revealed to the author his parents’ secret about their loyalty to the area.



Peter Godwin, an award-winning writer, is on assignment in Zululand when he is summoned by his mother to Zimbabwe, his birthplace. His father is seriously ill; she fears he is dying. Godwin finds his country, once a post-colonial success story, descending into a vortex of violence and racial hatred.

His father recovers, but over the next few years Godwin travels regularly between his family life in Manhattan and the increasing chaos of Zimbabwe, with its rampant inflation and land seizures making famine a very real prospect. It is against this backdrop that Godwin discovers a fifty-year-old family secret, one which changes everything he thought he knew about his father, and his own place in the world.

Peter Godwin’s book combines vivid reportage, moving personal stories and revealing memoir, and traces his family’s quest to belong in hostile lands – a quest that spans three continents and half a century.



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