Monsoon – Wilbur Smith

Monsoon – Wilbur Smith


The sun went down behind the storm clouds, and stained them with its blood, then the rain fell upon the ship in torrents. Solid sheets of water hammered the wooden decks so hard that the din drowned the men’s voices and blotted out their vision.



The Courtney Series 10

They leave as brothers. They must return as men.

Famed sailor Hal Courtney is now a man of land and family. But when the King orders him to sail to Madagascar and stop the pirates responsible for looting the finest trading ships of the East India Trading Company and bringing ruin to them all, Hal must travel with his three younger sons on a journey that will shape the young men forever. In this swashbuckling adventure of marauders and slave-traders, love and treasure, the brothers will face duels, chases, betrayals and battles – and see their fates cast in ways they could never have imagined . . .



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